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Foursan makes and manages private equity investments. The firm pursues primarily proprietary deal flow and has diversified its investments across multiple sectors, stages of development and size of operations.

Since its inception, Foursan has differentiated itself through a set of core principles that drive its business:

  • Integrity. Foursan seeks to build long-term relationships with its investors and partners based on trust and clear communications, unencumbered by conflicts of interest or misaligned objectives. Foursan thus brings the strictest levels of integrity to the relationship with its investing partners and ensures that its own interests are aligned with those of its partners.
  • Professionalism. With experience and success at leading global private equity firms, investment banks and international law firms, the Foursan team applies the strictest analytical standards in all investment situations. Rigorous analysis and technical know-how – a hallmark of the world’s most successful private equity funds – are a key part of Foursan’s value proposition.
  • Building partnerships. Foursan believes that creating extraordinary value from private equity investments in a diversified set of industries and countries requires building partnerships with strong, stable investors with local knowledge and/or specific industry expertise. This partnership allows both parties to benefit from the strengths of the other and provides a source of unique and attractive transactions.

Foursan has launched the following private equity funds:

  • Foursan Capital Partners II ("FCP II"). FCP II is Foursan’s third fund. The fund secured US$82 million in commitments at its first close and is currently seeking additional commitments from new investors. Foursan often invests alongside leading local and regional companies who bring value-added industry and geographic expertise. FCP II targets a broad range of attractive industries, including food and beverage, education, pharma and hospitality. The Fund includes a conventional as well as a Sharia-compliant vehicle.
  • Foursan Capital Partners I ("FCP I"). FCP I is Foursan's second fund and was launched in 2010 with US$100 million in commitments. FCP I's capital has been fully committed across 7 companies diversified by industry, geography and stage of development. To mitigate related investment risk, FCP I invested across a range of sectors including food and beverage, hospitality, Islamic and conventional financial services, logistics and renewable energy.The Fund has to date successfully exited 3 of its 7 investments.
  • The Jordan Fund. Foursan previously managed the Jordan Fund, a multi-sector private equity fund that it launched with Deutsche Bank, to invest in Jordanian companies with strong future growth potential. The fund was fully invested and exited. The Fund targeted companies across a range of diverse industries and development stages, and invested in the pharmaceuticals, insurance, telecommunications, education and aviation sectors in Jordan.