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Foursan invests in dynamic companies in the Levant and North Africa that are uniquely positioned in the sectors in which they operate and that have compelling local and regional growth prospects.  Foursan believes that these markets will continue to undergo significant transformation and economic development and that recent dislocations have yielded attractive investment opportunities for experienced managers.

  • Foursan focuses primarily on this target region due to its:
    • Rich pool of skilled labor required for the building of high margin, knowledge-based businesses
    • Increasingly well-positioned access to lucrative regional and international markets
  • Foursan is diversified across sectors
    • Foursan takes advantage of defensive sectors and sectors with compelling macro characteristics while simultaneously diversifying risk
    • Investments have been diversified across numerous sectors including aviation, education, financial services (conventional/Islamic banking and insurance), food and beverage, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and renewable energy
  • Foursan invests primarily expansion capital
    • In accelerated-growth companies within their markets and, importantly, with regional expansion opportunities to create national and regional champions
    • Foursan opportunistically pursues replacement capital, buyouts and franchise start-ups where attractive investments exist and Foursan believes it can add significant value and steer its investment towards a successful exit
  • Foursan, where appropriate, grows businesses through local or regional mergers and acquisitions
    • Foursan has completed numerous mergers and acquisitions transactions within its portfolio across numerous sectors and companies’ stages of development
  • Foursan, as necessary, partners with like-minded investors
    • Foursan has worked closely with leading corporate partners on numerous transactions where such partners bring specific industry or country expertise

Foursan has successfully pursued this strategy since the firm's inception in 2000 yielding significant, risk-adjusted returns.  Foursan’s value-creation strategy focuses on active participation in portfolio companies, with it taking either significant minority or majority positions in companies, securing board representation and assuming a leadership role on key strategic, operational, legal and financial matters.